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How to Start a Restaurant Business in Nigeria with N50,000(Complete Guide)

Written By Kester Eke on Tuesday, May 8, 2018 | May 08, 2018

On this post we want to discuss on how you can start a restaurant business in Nigeria. Every living thing needs food, that is not excluded to human. Food sales is one of the fastest growing business, and remain so in other places of the world. Starting a restaurants business is not a bad idea however starting at a very advance level have a lot of role to play.

Complete Guide How You Can Start A Restaurant Business in Nigeria

On this article, together let’s implores more ideas as well advance method of restaurant business in Nigeria. This is to say if you have made a choice of starting a restaurant business in Nigeria then this article will be very useful to you as you are going to learn all the important factors of restaurant biz and as well complete guide how to proceed and full detailed guide.

This post consist of things required to start the business and as well the ability to manage the business very well.

As of the state of the country, investing in something that will be yielding you money is not a bad idea, instead wasting your money on ladies and some unnecessary fancy stuntman, it’s better to rather have it invest in something.

Restaurant business can be archive with minimum of N50,000 naira depending on the standard. To start a good restaurant business that will be considered as eatry, you need minimum of 2Million and above that one thing count. Do you know that some local restaurants archives more sales than some big eateries ? It depend on the meal taste and your customer relationship management. So many eatries today started small and the extend the hands of operation. In accordance we do not mean start at the best standard is wrong, the fact is that we advice those that have the cash to start with the best standard .

Some of the best and most popular eateries that have gain public recognition are.

1. Mr Bigg

2. Tasty tee

The above eateries has made their name big in Nigeria and today the are the well recognized eateries all over the country. Before you can start you food business as eatery standard, or restaurant standard, there is something you have to consider such as your capital. How much you have to invest depends how big it will, never forget you can start small and grow big if the business run on a proper management then.

1. Business Registration

All businesses required registration with the Nigeria governments ( CAC ). However some of the manor restaurants which can be find in the street operates without registration of business name which is consider the proper way. If you wish to operate on a high standard then you must acquire registration first.

2. Restaurant Business Equipment

To start a restaurant business there are some equipment's needed. On this post we won’t be giving you the whole details however we are going to feature a post regarding restaurant business equipment very soon. However one of the most important thing you must do is to make sure your restaurant is big and has lot of space.

You have ensure that you rent a big space to make your customers much more comfortable. As well make the design and the place relaxing. If you can afford air-conditioner then good if you can’t then get a good working fan electricity fan.

3. Good restaurant Management Practice in Nigeria

How you manage your business determine if it will grow or not. Your customers are your business, customer’s satisfaction matters a lot and ability to retain them is something you shouldn’t neglect. One happy customer can bring hundreds of customers to you and same goes to unsatisfied customer, one of them you treat wrong to lead to loose of hundreds of customer’s.

Banks in Nigeria has over millions of customer’s, yet they respect each of the customer be it a child or adult, they are not stupid rather they have proper business understanding. The reason i said this is because of my recent experience with an organization i visited lately. Their customer satisfaction is nothing to write home about, i was attended to rudely and it clear they are no longer in needs of more customer’s. When i left few days later i met with someone who was as well complaining about the company. I interfere on the discussion and the reply i got from the young man was (When they were still new, their attention to their customers were good). This means they now have enough customer’s and they don’t need more. The truth of the whole thing is that, with time they will start losing customers.

Make your food best quality in taste and presentation. Many people doesn’t know that what makes customers to come most of the time is the service you offer. If your food is delicious  and the mood of presentation is in high standard then there is ever possibility of coming back to you again. You would want to use make your foods delicious, a little bit cheap, because these days people like what will satisfy the stomach. You may choose to make your meat big as well be of good manners to your Customer’s.

4. Employ Professional Services

You need workers, those who are to help you with some kitchen works and as well serving customer’s. You don’t just need a service of anyone who can wash or serve food, you need who understands the importance of customers to business. You as well need professional cooks to carry out the cooking aspect and maintaining routine food taste.

Proper management of your staffs is important to be sure they don’t talk to your customer’s as they wish  and as well make sure first come first serve with accurate tender apologies to those still waiting to be serve.

5. The Fact About Restaurant Business in Nigeria

Many people love the fact that food is one of the most selling items in Nigeria. However be it local and advance standard restaurant there are challenges involve.
You will be engaged with too much stress
You will have to lower your priority
Food has high competition
1 day bad or tasteless food can drive away your customers.
Everyone of your customer is your boss be it a child or adult.

6. How to Grow a Restaurant Business in Nigeria

Growing in every aspect of living is what we expected of ourselves and as well businesses. Consider  what you can do to make your business grow better and still maintain your new and existing customers.

To start a restaurants business, get a space in a good and busy location. Hire a service of good cooks, decorate your restauraresand make it comfortable. Get A.C or fan because food generates heat, be hot or not. Get all the equipment you need such as plates, spoons, tables, chairs, food items and so on. Add food you know the people love but scarce to get, that will make them always want to come to you.


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